Bruce Aguilar-Rohan A-Rab (UK Tour)


Scott Alan - 'Again' music video - Ryan-Lee Seagar
Britney Spears Vegas show choreography submission - Dean Lee
West End Fest - Dancer - Sabrina Aloueche
RENT - Ensemble - The Cockpit Theatre - Timothy O'Hara & Sarah Henley
Amidst a Sea of Flailing Dancer High Heels and Cooking Utensils - Tate Modern Museum - Eddie Peake
Four Corners Dance Company - Britain's Got Talent - ITV/Dean Lee
Robin Hood Pantomime - Ensemble - Qdos Entertainment
Beth Ditto, Gossip - 'Perfect World' music video - featured dancer - RSA Films
REM art project - Featured Dancer - Eddie Peake


Millennium Performing Arts 2007-2008
Urdang Academy 2008-2011

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