Michael Brenner (†) Founder and Producer BB Promotion

One singular sensation
Every little step he takes.
One thrilling combination
Every move that he makes.
One smile and suddenly nobody else will do;
You know you'll never be lonely with you know who.
“One” aus dem Musical A Chorus Line

As in the plot of the world-famous revue production of the Broadway classic A Chorus Line, which Michael Brenner brought to the German stage in an award-winning original production for the first time in 1987 – the year that BB Promotion was founded – in a similar manner he made his first steps with the most celebrated dancer of the twentieth century, Rudolf Nureyev, and the core of the ballet elite, and in the same twinkle of the eye and a generously charming nonchalance, presenting three open-air concerts with the magnificent rock icon Tina Turner.

By no means a newcomer to the entertainment industry, this event was the only accolade missing in his success record. This success was only outweighed by the personal triumph of bringing an unforgettable experience to an enthusiastic audience every evening. The path was predetermined: to achieve in an unprecedented way high artistic quality combined with financial success, a solid foundation for the BB Group, an agency operating in the international top league.

His pure passion for emotive, immersive entertainment theatre, coupled with an unerring instinct for what really works on stage as well as his open admiration for fascinating artists fuelled the tireless engine that motivated Michael Brenner to take risks.

In order to establish upscale live entertainment at an appropriate level for the longer run, it was also necessary that adequate theatres and venues were available. Already in 1988, Michael Brenner won acclaim hosting the 1st Summer Festival in Cologne with the European premiere of the celebrated US production of Evita at the newly built Philharmonic Theatre. The festival, which always boasts highlights from the world dance and show business scene, evolved far beyond the region and quickly became a magnet for audiences, celebrating its 25th jubilee in 2012.

The fact that across the country the golden gates of the most prestigious theatres, opera, concert and festival halls crowned by jewels such as the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Dresdner Semperoper or the Hamburg Staatsoper were now open for extended guest productions by BB Promotion is ultimately due to Michael Brenner’s long-cherished dream and his personal merit, merging successfully the demands of high culture with those of sophisticated live entertainment, thus reconciling two phenomenally genres. With this the entire industry was given the inexorable momentum to expand further in this market which opened up brand new dimensions.

Michael Brenner was first and foremost a visionary entrepreneur. His unfaltering credo was to offer a spectrum of all stripes, trendy but never banal and never picking material up arbitrarily. The same quality criteria that he had set for his precious team as benchmarks for the success of an evergrowing and expanding business applied also to him personally. Considering his vast and diverse portfolio and each and every one of his productions they were all a unique artistic achievement, whether new productions, premiering on a German stage or an international hit at some of the most prestigious theatres in capitals such as London, Paris, Vienna, New York, Tokyo or Sydney, whether newly discovered or brand new productions developed from scratch.

A top producer of successful long-standing musicals such as Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Chicago and We Will Rock you, Michael Brenner was at the same time inspired by an irrepressible joy at discovering innovative show formats and led him for instance to market an exceptional performance by STOMP or to establish and produce the Harlem Gospel Singers. Thus he delighted audiences with numerous shows from all cultures around the world, each unique in itself, under the seal of BB Promotion.

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