Rachael Crocker Graziella (UK Tour)


Phantom of the Opera – 25th Anniversary tour’ as 1st understudy Meg Giry (National tour)
‘Peter Pan’ (Mayflower theatre) as ensemble and 1st understudy Wendy
‘We Will Rock You’ (Antwerp Belgium)
‘Peter Pan’ (Grand Canal theatre Dublin) as ensemble and understudied and played Wendy
‘Cinderella’ (Orchard theatre) as 1st understudy Cinderella
‘Fame’ (National tour) as ensemble and 1st understudy Iris
‘We Will Rock You’ (Dominion theatre) original London cast 
‘Movin’ Out’ (Victoria Apollo) as swing
‘The Snowman’ (Peacock theatre) as alternate Ice Princess
‘Love Shack’ (National tour) as swing and 1st understudy Zsa Zsa
‘Grease’ (Victoria Palace, Japan and National tour) as Dance Captain and swing
‘Cinderella’ (New Victoria Woking)
‘Cats’ (Stuttgart Germany) as Rumpleteaser, Demeter, Sillabub and Tantomile
‘Phantom of the Opera’  (Hamburg Germany) as Meg Giry
‘Spirit of the Dance’ (US tour) as the Spirit.
‘The Phantom of the Opera’ directed by Joel Schumacher
‘Finding Neverland’ directed by  Marc Forster
BBC radio production of Smith of Wooten Major.

Rachael has also appeared on the Al Murray Show, took part in the 2008 Olympic handover ceremony and recently guested for Rock of Ages for their performance at West End Live.


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